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What if it all started by listening to oneself...

How can I help you?

Do you suffer from chronic pain or disease ?
You have tried everything in vain and/or you no longer know what to do, and whom to call in order to feel better?
Do you sometimes experience mental health disorders?
Insomnia, fears, phobias, weariness, stress, anxiety, exhaustion.
Are you going through a tough time?
Depression, burnout, illness, experiencing the loss of someone, getting divorced, fertility problems, baby blues, post trauma. If you are struggling emotionally, know that you are not alone, and reach out.
Are you going through a big change/transition in your life?
Some life phases are more or less easy to grasp. Whether it's a birth, being a teenager, getting married, moving, a pregnancy, menopause, a change of job/career etc, sometimes navigating through these big life adjustments can be challenging.
You already look after yourself and want to support your body in a preventive way?
Seasonal changes are an ideal time to rebalance / boost your energy.
Do you have (recurring) physical pain?
Back pain, neck pain, headache, injury following an accident, sports or trauma (whether recent or old).

Acupuncture by Marie Delanne

Trained in traditional Chinese medicine at the well-known, Michel Lidoreau center in Paris, I practice a gentler and less intrusive form of acupuncture. Indeed, during my sessions, I only use my hands and no needles.
Acupuncture is an alternative form of medicine based on the principles of traditional Chinese medicine. Traditional Chinese medicine views acupuncture as a way to re-balance one’s circulation of the 'Qi', the vital energy which flows in the meridians of the human body.
This ancestral and holistic therapy considers Man as a whole and believes it is the disruption of the energy flow in the body which can cause disease and pain. The aim of the acupuncturist will be to bring relief by helping the body maintain energy harmony (Yin and Yang). To do this, the stimulation of acupuncture points can be done using needles that are placed on strategic and vital points of the meridians. However, with the evolution of different techniques, it is now possible to have the same results and provide treatment that is as effective, or even more effective, without having to resort to needles.
In the treatments I offer, acupuncture can be combined with bioenergetic treatments. This manual therapy also called bioenergetic vital harmonization, enables the soft stimulation of bones and tissues, in conjunction with the stimulation of acupuncture and reflexology points. It aims at restoring joint mobility, relaxing tissues and restore energy balance.
The benefits resulting from acupuncture and bio-energetic treatments on the body are numerous. Whether they are physical, mental or emotional the patient may experience.
a relief,/disappearance of physical pain, a calming effect of the mind, a better focus, a better sleep, a better acceptance of things, an improvement in the natural balance of the body, with a positive influence on the immune system etc…
Do not hesitate to reach out to me for further questions, and should you want to book an appointment.

My treatments

L’harmonisation vitale bio-énergétique

Vital bio-energetic harmonization

Gentle manual therapy which, through its light stimulation of bones, tissues, acupuncture and reflexology points, restores joint mobility, relaxes tissues and restores energy balance. Beyond the symptom, the goal is to go back to the origin of the physical, energetic and emotional disorders that can cause imbalance in the health, the moral state and overall alignment of the being. Bio-energetic vital harmonization sessions are held in person in my practice in Uccle.

Les soins énergétiques

Long distance - energy healing sessions

Quantum physics and ancestral beliefs (Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine) have come together on the principle that our body is a vibratory and energy field made up of billions of light particles – photons – which constantly exchange information (via scalar waves). The energy treatment allows the practitioner to enter into communication with the informational field of the individual to dissolve blockages, traumas, physical disorders, and alleviate emotional charges for the greatest benefit of the patient. Energy healing sessions are conducted over the phone.

Les ateliers

Virtual classes

Group sessions to learn and discuss about a chosen theme.


My name is Marie

A mom of two children, I first followed a very classical path. I graduated from a well-known business school in France, and then worked abroad for 15 years as a marketing purchasing director for large multinationals. A fast-paced, ultra-connected, exhilarating lifestyle… that came at a cost. I became ill, and my life as I knew it was swept upside down. It took me a while, but I finally realized that in order to heal, I needed to take the time. The time to listen to myself, to observe myself, to really know myself and to re-learn to appreciate the moment. I needed to get out of the conventional framework to realize that we could also heal differently and in a gentler and more natural way. I got help, I healed, I trained, and I soon understood that my mission was now to help others on this wonderful path of re-connection to oneself. This is my story, and this is what I can offer you today through my healing sessions.

My mission as a therapist

I see my sessions as a pause for oneself, a gift we give to ourselves in the frenzy of our lives. A moment out of time, where we allow ourselves to really listen to that inner guidance. This small voice within us that knows what we really need in order to enable our body and mind to heal. The manual therapy or vital harmonization bio energetic that I propose (micro-movements that stimulate tissues, acupuncture and reflexology points) and the customized energy healing sessions that I offer allow a release of tensions and a long lasting re-balance of our physical, mental, and emotional states.

Energy healing Sessions

What if everything around us was made of energy? What if all material things, and all living beings were made of energy? And what if all our thoughts, emotions, beliefs and even our attitudes were made of scintillating energy? Albert Einstein once said “everything in life is vibration”, and according to quantum physics every atom, molecule, cell, tissue and body system is composed of energy that when superimposed on each other create what is known as the human energy field. This human energy field will then be interconnected with other human beings energy fields but also in connection with the all the livings, non-living energy fields, and to a greater extent the cosmos energy field.
So how does energy healing work? Energy healing is a holistic practice, meaning it aims at treating a patient as a whole. The idea is to take into account all factors such as the mental state, the physical state, and the emotional state of the patient, rather than just the symptoms of a disease.
During the energy healing session, I will look at the flow of the universal energy in the body of the patient with the aim to bring back balance, remove blockage, bring back harmony and vitality. Energy healing will help in the reduction of physical and emotional traumas and restore well-being.
Energy healing sessions are conducted remotely, over the phone.


Recommended by a friend of mine, I have been seeing Marie for the treatment of a chronic immune disease. From the very first session on with her, I feel a substantial relief and improvement of my symptoms. Each session leaves me with the feeling of inner peace, in body and mind as well as new energy.
Marie is a caring and trustful guide. I always feel that I am in a safe and understanding environment during our sessions.
In a nutshell, I can truly recommend a treatment with Marie to see how she can support you and your healing process.

Federica Amsterdam (NL)

I’ve had the pleasure of doing healing sessions with Marie several times and each time has proven more healing than before. Each session brought on its load of emotions and traumas, and it has been absolutely incredible that without a word Marie was able to pinpoint those and work on them from overseas. Her healing abilities are impressive and the beneficial work from her sessions extends well beyond. Whether you are a novice or a pro in the world of natural healing and medicine, I highly recommend using her services. I know she has helped me get to where I am at today in the moments where I needed some unspoken guidance, and I know I will use her services again when it is needed.

Laure Chicago (USA)

Before knowing Marie, I had no experience nor understanding of energy healing. What I had was an open mind and a longing to get better. I suffered from insomnia for years and was addicted to sleeping pills. This affected my focus, my confidence and overall my wellbeing. Working with Marie has not only helped me with my sleep, but it has been an incredible journey of spiritual healing.
Each session with her has left me with a strong physical and undeniable sensation of something inside of me shifting.
I have experienced, witnessed and felt how strong her connection is to the Divine Source and having her as my personal vessel of Divine love and energy has transformed my life.
She is a Light Worker, an incredibly knowledgeable yet humble source of information and truly a powerful portal to the limitless energy of the Universe.
I whole-heartedly, full-bodily recommend her work.

Nada Saint-Lucia

Marie has helped me to improve tremendously an old sequel I had from RSI - I had a recurring pain in my arm and shoulder blade. After just 1 phone session with Marie, those areas are not painful anymore. This concretely is helping me in my day to day activities as I can now be more independent and hold a backpack or heavy stuff without fearing to have a backache. Marie is very empathetic and kind. I wish for everyone to come across her way. Thank you Marie.

Anne Amsterdam (NL)